Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Hands up for Hygiene

We have been learning all about hygiene and found this simple activity showed just how easily germs spread. The glitter acted as the invisible 'germs'. Once touched it quickly spread from their hands to food and then passed to each other. The glitter was everywhere!!! They had to wash their hands really well to remove the 'germs'!!! (See pics below)

There are also some great free teacher resources and lesson plans up to secondary school age from Carex. (See link below)

'Carex has been helping children learn about hand washing for over five years through the Hands Up for Hygiene Education Programme. In this time we’ve taught over 1.4 million children, how,when and why they should wash their hands in a fun interactive and motivational way.

All our resources are linked to the curriculum as it is taught throughout the UK and are particularly suitable for supporting aspects of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Science.

For an overview of all the teaching resources available through the Carex Hands Up for Hygiene Education Programme and to download copies use the links below.'


Monday, 14 August 2017

Engineer the Chocolate Bar of the Future

Institution of Engineering and Technology are asking children to design a 'chocolate bar of the future' in this new competition.

'Here are a few tips from us all at Fun Kids…
  • How will you make / engineer your chocolate bar?
  • How will it look and taste?
  • What shape will it be?
  • What will it be called?
  • What makes it different to chocolate bars that already exist?
  • What size will it be (how many pieces)?
  • What would the packaging look like?'


Amy's Aviation

Learn all about the world of Aviation in these fun new podcasts!

'In every series, Amy takes us all over the place and teaches us all about aeroplanes and how they work.'

Click the link and scroll down to listen, from a world without planes and how planes have changed to a day in the life of a pilot.


Wildverse 2017

Wildverse is back!

Enter now for your chance to win a radio, have your poem read out on Fun Kids and have it published in RSPB's youth magazine!


Write any type of poem about anything wild you like. Animals, birds, bugs, trees etc. This is always a fun one for my kiddies as they can choose any type of poem and use the different techniques they have been learning.

There are three categories organised by age group, under 8s, 8-12s and 13 and over.

Closing date: Friday 20th October 2017

Summer Reading Challenge

Every year the children take part in the Summer Reading Challenge through our local library. It's aimed at Primary School children throughout the UK to get them reading over the summer. Once they've signed up they receive a card to record the six books they need to read over the summer, along with information of all local library events. Each time they go along to an activity they receive stickers and small prizes along the way with a certificate and medal given at the end of the summer.

This was the first year DD13 could not join in so instead she's been working as a Young Ambassador for the Summer Reading Challenge. She has really enjoyed the experience and realised librarians do a lot more than replenishing bookshelves!!

There are also lots of activities and competitions on the website over the summer to get involved in!


Stuck for a book to read? Try the book sorter:



Describe a sneaky suspect:


Design an animal agent - print out the sheet to enter:




Sunday, 13 August 2017

Our Home Ed week

Hope everyone has had a great Home Ed week!! We have been busy with our usual subjects and workbooks in the mornings but we've also been making the most of the summer events this month.

Today we visited Cartwright Hall to explore the multi-sensory Art installation, designed by Artist Sarah Jane Palmer, and take part in the activities. The boys even posed for photographs for the local newspaper.

During the week DD3 made her own artwork with coloured salt, which
 is easier to make than I thought! Just rub chalk into salt and it's ready to play with!!!

At this week's Home Ed library meet there were monkey door hangers to decorate, Lego to play with and a Monkey Quiz in the main part of the library for the older ones. They worked as a team to answer all the questions and follow the clues around the library.

DD3 had a go at making her own tie-dye Art with baby wipes! Nice, simple activity for her but the end results were fab!!

The kiddies watched 'The Miracle Worker' the story of Helen Keller which they have watched a few times and are always amazed by this true story.

 The boys made some shape poems using their hands. These poetry workbooks are by Schofield & Sims.


DS8 had cricket training for a couple of hours at the weekend so DS11 had a spelling test whilst we sat in the sports centre.

We then did a spot of blackberry picking on the way home.

Friday, 11 August 2017

The Present Finder

It's been a rainy summer so far!! :(

So when the sun came out this morning and DD3 received her pack of Doodle Dog crayons through the post from The Present Finder, we knew it was time to get out and about to make the most of the fine weather.

We headed to the park for a quiet picnic taking with us her favourite blanket, colouring book and these bright, colourful crayons which are in the shape of cute little balloon dogs.
I don't usually give her shaped crayons as I always think she will snap them within minutes!! But these solid, sturdy crayons are perfect for her little hands to easily grip, she couldn't decide which colour to choose first! She scribbled away with ease as she happily created today's artwork which is now stuck on the fridge with the rest of her creations. They were ideal to take along as they are just the right size for us Mums to carry around in our handbags, ready for moments when the little ones are feeling bored and in need of a quick activity to keep them entertained.

They come in a lovely box which would make a great gift for children or even look great on the desks of teenagers studying for their exams, to give their notes a quick shade of colour, or any dog lovers out there (my Mum wants a pack now!)

We also received this best-selling giant sticky note pad and 50/50 coloured pencils which added a bit of fun for the kiddies, as they wrote out today's spellings. They doodled away on their sticky notes with these cheerful crayons and wrote their words in lists underneath. They then easily peeled them off and placed their sticky note, in a place they sure won't miss, so that they can easily revise this week's spellings everytime they see it.

These sticky notes make great teaching aids as they can be used in so many different ways!!!
This week we will be using them with DS5 to help with his High Frequency words. He will stick them around the house to create a word trail so he can have fun with a 'Word Treasure Hunt'. They are so versatile, from drawings and colourings for the little ones, quick maths calculations for the boys, or to stick up all DD13's revision notes as she's preparing for exams, not to forget they make great Home Ed notes to stick around for myself too.

'The giant note pad will be great for story planning as I can stick all my ideas on my bedroom wall!' DD13

'I love the box of bright little balloon dogs best' DS8

'The Present Finder was founded in 2000. Starting as out as a family gift shop we now deliver our unusual gifts across the globe. Our customers rate us a staggering 98% for customer satisfaction - according to Feefo our independent review team! The business has always focused on its customer satisfaction and the company strap line bears this: Unusual Gifts, Exceptional Service.'

The Present Finder do some fantastic gifts for the whole family and are sure to have the special, unique gift you're looking for. To find the perfect gift or for some quirky stationery for your Home Ed classroom please visit The Present Finder website by clicking the link on the right or below if viewing on a mobile :)

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